negative [neg′ə tiv]
[ME negatife < OFr or L: OFr négatif < L negativus < negatus: see NEGATION]
1. containing, expressing, or implying a denial or refusal; that says “no” [a negative reply]
2. opposite to something regarded as positive; specif.,
a) lacking in positive character or quality
b) lacking evidence, affirmation, etc.
c) having the effect of diminishing, depriving, or denying
d) faultfinding, antagonistic, destructive, etc. [negative criticism, a negative political campaign]
3. Biol. directed away from the source of a stimulus [negative tropism ]
4. Elec.
a) of, generating, or charged with negative electricity
b) having an excess of electrons
5. Logic denying something about a subject [no reptiles are warmbloodedis a negative proposition]
6. Math. designating a quantity less than zero, or one to be subtracted; minus quantity
7. Med. not having or not demonstrating, showing, or proving the presence or existence of a condition, infection, symptoms, bacteria, etc. [a patient who is negative for TB; the X-rays were negative]
8. Photog. reversing the relation of light and shade of the subject
adv., interj.
no; not so: so used in radio communication
1. a word, affix, phrase, etc. that denies, rejects, or refuses (Ex.: no, not, by no means)
2. a statement of denial, refusal, or rejection
3. the point of view that denies or attacks the positive or affirmative [the negative won the debate]
4. an undesirable element or quality; drawback, shortcoming, defect, etc.
5. an impression of something, as a sculpture, that shows it in reverse
6. Obs. the right of veto
7. Elec. a terminal, electrode, or plate having an excess of electrons flowing out toward a positive terminal, electrode, or plate, as in a storage battery or dry cell
8. Math. a quantity less than zero, or one to be subtracted; minus quantity
9. Photog. an exposed and developed photographic film or plate on which light and shadow are the reverse of what they are in the positive printed from this
negatived, negativing
a) to refuse; reject
b) to veto (a candidate, motion, or bill)
2. to deny; contradict
3. to prove false; disprove
4. to counteract; neutralize
no! not so!
not so!
in the negative
1. in refusal or denial of a plan, suggestion, etc.
2. with a denial or negative answer

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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